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04/07/16 08:08 PM #30    

Elizabeth Kirton

Hi Everyone,

I am sure that it will come as a shock to all those who were at the reunion to hear the very sad news that Kathy Darnell Norris passed away this week.  I am so grateful that she and I made the decision to attend the reunion, spend time together, and have the chance to catch up with a few close friends.

Kathy was taken ill very suddenly while having a great time with her daughter and granddaughter, and she passed away after a very passionate fight to get better. Her husband, Darryl Norris, graduated from San Carlos High in '66, and Kathy's younger sister, Judy, was a '66 graduate of Carlmont. Kathy did a remarkable amount of traveling in her life--all over Europe, starting in 1968, when she visited me in Germany, and continuing when her son was stationed and then lived in Spain and Germany, as well as all over the US--with sisters, husband, kids, and grandchildren. She and Darryl had such a great time together, following the Giants and the 49ers and being largely responsible for any success of either team.

There is a huge hole in my life now, but I am so glad that we had time together, both at the reunion and at New Years; I just thought we would have a lot more time together.

The family asked me to post the details of the service for Kathy:  The Chapel of the Pines 2855 Cold Springs Rd Placerville Ca 95667 on Monday April 11th at 11:00 am. 


04/08/16 05:37 AM #31    

Charley Ice

Always sad news.  Kathy was a special person.  Although I did not know her well, we both came from Homeview and were in all grades together.  She and Liz were very close, alll through scouting and school, and I'm deeply sorry for her loss.

04/08/16 10:01 AM #32    


Tom Larsen

Yes, so sorry to hear about Kathy.  Life is so precious. This morning I have a hundred things to do, such as, make more room in garage, cut a piece of oak for my wife, blow leaves off the front patio, change oil in truck, pay some bills, or take the 3 hours I need, and visit my 96 year old mom today in Belmont. With all due respect to Kathy and her family, this message about Kathy tells me I need to visit mom.  Sometimes we get caught up in the "thick of thin things",  There will always be time to change the oil in my truck.  My prayers and condolences to Kathy's family.  Sincerely, Tom Larsen



04/08/16 10:14 AM #33    

Bill Roth

Wow! Liz you're so right. It's such a shock to hear about Kathy so soon after the reunion. I had breakfast with her and you the day after the party. She seemed so good, bubbly and funny as I always remembered her. Kathy and I had a special bond in high school because we attended speech therapy together. I was a stutterer, and she had a problem with her tongue. She was diagnosed as a tongue thruster, which I kidded her about all thru high school, and even at the reunion which caused stomach aching laughter all night long. I'll always remember her spunky personality and always enjoyed kidding her about being height challenged. Tom is right: Life is so short. You never know when your time will come, so enjoy everyday.

04/08/16 12:27 PM #34    

Harry Bettencourt


Thank you for sharing this very sad news.  What a shock.  I, too, am thankful that the three of us had a chance to sit down at the reunion (albeit too briefly), to tell stories, laugh, and just remember the good times we had at Carlmont and at parties at various homes.  And I, too, am SO glad that you chose to attend the reunion.  I know that Kathy was a big factor in making that happen and I am very glad that she pushed you as hard as she did.  I'll remember that evening for a very long time and I am thankful both you and Kathy were a wonderful part of it.

04/08/16 01:54 PM #35    


Viola David (Whitney)

So VERY sorry to hear the sad news of Kathy Darnell Norris passing this week. As I review my reunion pictures and the memories of that weekend, sadness fills my heart...I say a silent prayer for Kathy and one for all my Carlmont classmates/families...happiness, good or imported healthy and an active/fun Summer, 2016. Viola David 

04/09/16 03:51 PM #36    


Susie Wright (Savage)

Sadly more and more of us will follow where deaths footsteps lead.  Hopefully not suffering.

Cherish the moments of our Class Reunion where seeing old friends and making new occurred.  Really enjoy classmates visits which never would have happened without the Reunion.  Thanks many times to the Reunion Committee. Please consider my hand up to volunteer in any fashion for the next Reunion.

If you are in SoCal in the Hemet area, we would love to see your smiling face.  Your room is ready. And of course we will beat you at games....

Susie Wright Savage



04/10/16 08:12 AM #37    

Pat Walsh (McCarty)

So sorry to learn about Kathy. Bill's term "spunky" perfectly sums up the Kathy I remember. She was friendly and fun. 

As another one who wasn't sure if the Reunion was 'right' for me, I'm so glad I made the decision to go. We are all definitely 'playing the back 9' now, and memories are much of what we will have left, so good ones like the reunion are important.

05/13/16 01:11 PM #38    

Jim Bettinger

I just saw this notice in the Mercury News, reporting that Wayne Culp had passed:


05/14/16 07:14 AM #39    

Harry Bettencourt

Jim:  Thanks for the forum post about Wayne.  I am in Croatia and will be home in a little over one week.  I received a message about Wayne's death from his sister about one week ago; and emails from both Fred Kemmerle and Pete S about the obituary.  I will send out a notice when I get back as well as post Wayne's name to our "In Memory" list and make the changes on all of our internal documents  Hope you are doing well.  Harry



05/14/16 10:25 AM #40    

David Lovell

Wow, Harry. I'm jealous. If I had to choose a location outside the U.S. as my home, Dubrovnik would be high on my list. 

05/15/16 07:54 AM #41    

Harry Bettencourt


Yes, we are lucky to to be here!  We spent 6 days in Prague (wonderful city and relatively cheap) and then headed to Dubrovnik (also wonderful but a bit more pricey) before coming here to Baska Voda.  My wife participates in a Wednesday hiking group at home and each year they take an international trip for a week of hiking; thus, Baska Voda, Croatia as the destination this year.  I decided to tag along this year because we are hotel-based and each day is a different hike from the base (rather than a hike from point A to point B to point C, etc.).  One group did a 8.5 mile hike today with about 2400 feet elevation gain; my group did 6.5 miles with 2000 feet of elevation gain.  The views were spectacular!  Hope you are doing well.  If you want more info about Dubrovnik I would be happy to share where stayed, where we ate, what we saw etc..  Harry

05/16/16 11:44 AM #42    

Andy Boghosian


A few years ago, My wife and I did a Mediterranean Cruise and one of our stops was Croatia. What a beautiful place. Hope you had a good time.


05/17/16 08:24 AM #43    

Harry Bettencourt

Hi Andy: 

It IS a beautiful place!  We did a 7.5 mile hike today and then just came in from a swim in the Adriatic.  It was cold but felt good after traversing the Bikovo mountains all day.  Hope you are doing well!


05/17/16 08:24 AM #44    

Harry Bettencourt

Hi Andy: 

It IS a beautiful place!  We did a 7.5 mile hike today and then just came in from a swim in the Adriatic.  It was cold but felt good after traversing the Bikovo mountains all day.  Hope you are doing well!


09/13/16 08:31 AM #45    


Pat Savage

Sending a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tom Carrato on his birthday. It mirrors my son's (44th). Sorry I didn't get it on yesterday, but was in the air returning from a fishing trip in CO.  Best to you and Melody. Pat

07/18/17 03:34 PM #46    


Stephen Hall

I just turned 71 in May and my life is in a rut, since my latest soulmate passed away 3 years ago i am now in:

Yountville Veterans Home - Hall7858 

260 California Drive  Ward 1D, Room 00B

Yountville, CA 94599

Phone (707)944-4964 nurses desk  ask for Hall7858  Ward 1D Room 00B


i am depressed, and having other medical problems, but it could be worse, i'm not homeless, but feel like it,

i have no friends up here, to visit me, and o boot, I lost money trying to win the PCH, and my phone died too....

I wil try to be uplifted if and when i get visitors classmates etc.....smiley


07/19/17 07:16 AM #47    

Harry Bettencourt

Steve:  sorry to hear about your current situation. I appreciate your perspective that you are in a safe place and not homeless.  I hope things improve for you and that you are able to make connections with others at the Yountville home. 

07/19/17 08:22 AM #48    

Mike DeMartini

Steve. So sorry to hear that you are going through this tough time. Try to keep your spirits up......;better days to come.

07/24/17 10:51 AM #49    


John Hacker

Steve we spoke just briefly last week.

We discussed your Airforce and my Army time served.

Know that ou are not forgotten.

I have sent you a card with my contact info, call or email anytime


John Hacker

Class of 65


Veterans Coordinator

07/25/17 03:55 PM #50    


Stephen Hall

hi john,  nice to contact you i am too depressed right now to talk and resting alot these days sorry don't worry i'll be ok, just life is no fun iving here in the hospital service is ok but i'm not free to go out right now 

i,m not up to telephone call either so please don't call, sorry to worry you but it's hard on me right now....

                          Stephen Hall   US Air Force,    i may contact you at a later date,

                          when  i'm feeling a bit more cheerful, and less stressed out....

                                                                                              Thank You











07/25/17 04:03 PM #51    


Stephen Hall

I am trying to get in touch with  Ken Morrelle i think he's living up at Clearlake somewhere, any info will be appreciated  we both were close friends and i met him a few years back on a business trip doing a wedding video up here in NAPA area, I stayed overnight at his house on the lake....

                                                                                    Thanks   Stephen Hall

12/31/17 06:32 AM #52    


Viola David (Whitney)


01/01/18 10:38 AM #53    

Jacqueline Thompson (Greiner)

And Happy New Year to you, Viola, and the Carlmont class of 1965. And yes, it seems each year as we get older, the days pass too swiftly. Wishing everyone health and good cheer in 2018. 

Jackie Thompson Greiner 




01/01/18 12:19 PM #54    

Harry Bettencourt


Thanks for the New Year greeting.  Good to see that Jackie sends her greetings, too!  Yes, I agree that 2017 whizzed by but it seems that is the case each year as we "mature".  Enjoy your time with family in Missouri and best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2018!


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