Life Before Carlmont

We are in the process of gathering class pictures from feeder elementary schools and from those who attended either Ralston or Terra Linda Junior High Schools before moving on to Carlmont.  We are beginning with several photos from Cipriani Elementary School in Belmont.  If you have digital pictures (preferably in a jpg format) which you are willing to share and would like to see included on this page, please send them to Harry Bettencourt at

Also, if you can help to identify any of the individuals in these pictures which are now posted, please do so by including the title of the picture and the name(s) and location(s), e.g. "top row, 2nd from left", of the individual(s) and send to Harry.  Thanks!

Cipriani School
9 Photos  5/20/14
Arundel School
4 Photos  9/30/15
Brittan Acres School
1 Photo  5/15/14
Ralston Intermediate Schl
6 Photos  9/30/15
Barrett School
10 Photos  10/21/14
McDougal School
1 Photo  10/13/14